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Address PharmaShop24 Where we are PharmaShop24 srl
Via Marani, 5
42045 - Luzzara
Reggio Emilia - Italia


Robovideo was set up in 1994 as manufacturer of automatic vending machines for the Home Video market.
Today, thanks to the activity of its 150 professional collaborators working both inside and outside the Company,  Robovideo operates worldwide meeting the requirements of at least  3.000 customers in over 20 countries.
2008: the turning point.  Robovideo, aware of the growth of the Health and Wellness market, charges PharmaGroup, a leading company in marketing services and training for Italian chemist’s shops and drugstores for over 23 years, with the study and development of the   “Pharmashop project”.
PharmaShop24 is the first automatic vendor specially studied and developed on the basis of the requirements of chemist’s shops and drugstores, with the aim of improving customer service (and sales).

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